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Behind the Curtain: How Much Dealerships Pay for Cars Straight from the Manufacturer

Car dealerships have always been a part of the automobile industry, serving as the intermediary between the manufacturers and consumers. For most car buyers, the price they pay for a vehicle is determined by the dealership they purchase from, and they may not give...

The Insider’s Guide to How Much Dealers Pay for Cars from Manufacturers

Car dealerships are notorious for being opaque and convoluted when it comes to pricing. Many car buyers are often left wondering if they got a fair deal or if they were ripped off. However, understanding how car dealerships acquire their inventory and at what...

How Much Do Dealers Really Pay for Cars from Manufacturers?

Auto dealerships are a ubiquitous sight in modern cities, and it's no secret that they purchase cars from manufacturers to sell to the public. However, have you ever stopped to wonder how much dealerships actually pay for the vehicles on their lots? The process...