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What’s behind bitcoin’s latest surge?

LONDON: At the turn of the year, bitcoin was in the grip of a bleak midwinter, down and out after a 2022 defined by tumbling crypto prices, bankruptcies and corporate scandals. Less than three months later, bitcoin's got its mojo back. With gains of more...

Outstanding credit card balances went up 7.3% YoY in Q4 22

It indicates that consumers are reengaged to the market. The outstanding credit card balances increased 7.3% year-on-year in the final quarter of 2022, TransUnion Consumer Pulse Study. The growth was driven by reengaged consumers, “largely attributable to improved consumer sentiment and sustained momentum in consumption.”  TransUnion said...

MoC reduces its pledge to build over one million social housing units

The Ministry of Construction's (MoC) initiative to invest in the construction of affordable homes and apartments for low-income individuals and industrial park staff between 2021 and 2030 has now been amended. ...

B2B Sales Culture Must Change to Make the Most of Digital Tools

Today’s digitally connected and informed B2B buyers routinely use multiple channels — online marketplaces, informational and self-service websites, trade shows, webinars, referrals, social media, email, text, and yes, salespeople. A compelling customer experience occurs only when interactions between buyers and sellers are value-adding and...