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Midland’s Annie Stout uses creative skills to better community

Even if a Midland resident has never heard of artist and graphic designer Annie Stout, they have certainly seen her work around town.The Live Oak Coffeehouse sign, the Serendipity Road/Joyful Tantrum logos and, most recently, a utility box with a Walkman cassette player painted...

Localities keen to implement advanced industrial parks

Localities nationwide are eager to accelerate the construction of industrial parks to welcome new foreign investment capital inflows in 2023. ...

What Silicon Valley Bank Did Right

There’s a reason Silicon Valley Bank became such a fixture among startups: it understood their needs better than any other bank. Even now, many banks don’t have the flexibility and understanding to make banking easy for startups. With SVB gone, a lot of young...

Fortinet 2023 Skills Gap Report: How organizations can fill the talent shortage

The ongoing cybersecurity talent shortage presents challenges for organizations everywhere. As critical roles remain vacant far too long, already overburdened IT and security teams are grappling with a long list of responsibilities to safeguard their corporate networks, and that’s just the tip of the...