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How to Get Involved in the Teaching Movement That Could Transform Education

In the weeks leading up to the publication of our cover story about Sergio Juárez Correa and the students of José Urbina López Primary School, it became clear that WIRED could help. We decided to sponsor the school and Juárez Correa, providing them with supplies and equipment they need, like a projector, printer, and laser pointer.

But there also are powerful ways you can get involved with the burgeoning student-centered style of learning and teaching. Whether you want to bring this approach into an existing school, start a program of your own, donate to a program, or find a teacher who has asked for specific help, we’ve got suggestions. Here are four ways to take action:

1. Last year, the TED prize gave $1 million to Sugata Mitra, one of the movement’s leading thinkers. If you are interested in supporting Mitra and his School in the Cloud project email [email protected] or make contributions payable to:

Sapling Foundation
Care of: TED Prize Team
250 Hudson Street
Suite 1002
NY, NY 10013

2. TED has created a toolkit full of ideas for jumpstarting student-centered learning in your home, local community, or school. It’s called SOLE: How to Bring Self-Organized Learning Environments to Your Community. Download it here and share your story afterward on the SOLE Tumblr.

3. To support or adopt a SOLE classroom (many of which are listed on the SOLE Tumblr) email [email protected].

4. Support a teacher who has made a specific request for help through, an online charity that connects public school teachers with donors.

Meanwhile, read more about Mitra’s TED Prize at José Urbina López Primary School or watch a preview of the documentary, School in the Cloud, that filmmaker Jerry Rothwell is making about Mitra’s TED prize activities.

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